purify and merge deeply into you.


Shamanic Ceremony - Ceremonies are held to support deep healing. They are held on a night time. We sit in circle to heal all that is no longer needed.  

Rapa dos Indios Circle Join me in a sacred Tobacco Circle we will cleanse, pray and give thanks for the Medline and cleansing we receive together in sacred circle. 

llumination Is an extremely powerful healing it originates from the Native Shamans from the Andes, it has been practised for thousands of years.  The process is based on the principle that information from our own unique emotional, genetic and karmic history lies within our energy fields this ultimately creates emotional and physical dysfunction.  Energy intrusions can accumulate throughout a lifetime by removing these the person can be free to re-inform and re-pattern the body back into optimum health, making it easier to select thoughts, behaviours, and emotions that serve you well.  

Soul Retrieval In Shamanism it is believed that on occasions parts of the Soul can leave the body when faced with situations that may be damaging emotionally and physically.  In some situations of trauma the soul may not return.  When a person’s soul part leaves some of the energy or life force of that person leaves with the soul part. A shaman will journey for the person and find the lost piece and return it back into the energetic field. When a lost soul part is retrieved, often there will also be a gift and sometimes a power animal will be retrieved for the person.   

Earth Healing This is a unique process for each  person has been given a precise individual mission for Earth Healing, we will work to uncover and bring out the  healing talents that lay dormant within you. 


Past Life Illumination As above but will concentrate on past life energies that have been carried into this life. 

Theta Healing which  is a healing technique that works at the energetic, atomic level of our  existence; and has been described as the practical application of  quantum mechanics.

Manifestation Sessions Supporting you to bring into existence that which your heart truly desires.

Spiritual Readings Messages of guidance from Spirit, predictions of the future can be given if that is desired or a reading of divine guidance to see if you are following your chosen path. 

 Power Animal A power animal retrieval gives a person empowerment and regular work with ones power animals will speed up ones spiritual growth.  Power animals are spirit beings. Everybody has a power animals from birth.   

 Black Dispachos A powerful way to release all that no longer serves you, please be careful what you choose to release within this ceremony, for it will leave  your life once the ceremony has been completed! This powerful Shamanic ceremony can only be performed after an initial consultation healing session with me has taken place. 

Restorative Yoga Sessions Sessions of Yoga designed to Restore you. Simple but most effective counteracting years of stress.

Shamanic Dispacho Beautiful ceremony to dispatch your prayers to Spirit.

Psychopomp Work Releasing Energies into the light and cleansing of your home. 



 Energy/Entity Extractions We can have negative energies that attract to us as we can have certain types of people that are drawn to us due to certain affinities we hold. An intrusive entity can often produce anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms  Intrusive entities are more common than we would like to believe. Intrusive entities feed on the energy of the chakras and central nervous system. When these energies have entered the central nervous system, I would extract them using a crystal. 

 Fire Ceremony  Fire Ceremonies are usually held on the full moon , they are preformed to release from your life what no longer serves and bring in the new that will ultimately serve you better, usually there will be food after the ceremony.    

 Munay-Ki Rites The Rites of the Munay-Ki will ultimately transform your energy field. They will reinform your DNA to enable you to grow a new body that ages, heals and dies differently than to before the Rites are given. You can dream a new world into being. 

Black and White Stone Healing This healing technique is as it states using black and white stones to take out negative energies residing within the body replacing it with positive energies. 

Bands of Power  A shamanic rite of protection for those in healing or other professions with elevated exposure or sensitivity to other’s energies.