The Shipibo Community Project


Enhance the lives of the Shipibo Community in Peru

“We must think of ourselves as a tribe — as an international community that has come together with a common purpose of being initiated into the process.

We all have to do it together. There is a link that happens — where THE growth, my growth, depends on the others' growth around us.

We can no longer take these steps by ourselves. We have created a synergistic community. We must take a step towards knowledge together.”
Alberto Villoldo

The Shipibo Community need vital support with fresh drinking water, medical and health supplies.  

There is a space for you to enhance the lives of the Shipibo children If you would like to support this caring gift please donate via PayPal  gifting to The Shipibo Community Project.  Thank you. 

To donate:


Donations and holding Charity Spaces.

Please help enhance the lives of the Shipibo Community Project via donation or holding by you holding a charity event on their behalf. To enhance the lives of these incredible humans. 

Shipibo Community

The Shipbos are an incredible Community living in the Amazonian Jungle outside of Pucallpa in Peru. They have no language for past or future their lives are centres within the Amazon in the space of now. They hold ancient knowledge of the Amazon Plant Medicines. 

Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing

The Shipibo Community work deeply with the Plants of the Amazon to heal and share their knowledge which is sadly a dying breed. They sing sacred songs that weave into the Medcines and those that sit within the Ceremonies. 

Plant Medicines of the Amazon

Within the Amazon the Plants can literally heal all illnesses, many within the Western World depend on Chemicals for illnesses hence a clear need to heal and not simply put Chemicals into the body that deeply affects the heart, mind and Soul.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller