The Shipibo Community Project


Enhance the lives of the Shipibo Community in Peru

The Shipibo Community need vital support with fresh drinking water, medical and health supplies.  

There is a space for you to enhance the lives of the Shipibo children to help us gift each of them a Christmas present with a cup of hot chocolate and cake. If you would like to support this caring gift please donate via the home page gifting to The Shipibo Community Project. Thank you. 

Join us in November 2019 we are providing a small group of  individuals a chance to spend 15 nights with the Shipibo Tribe in Master Dieta in Peru. You can message me for an application form to apply for one of the spaces. 

Up and coming charity events

Come and find out about The Shipibo Community Project.  Receive Shamanic Healing receive a Shamanic Ritual to keep and use whenever you like. Most mostly help and support the lives of the Shipibo Tribe. 

Shipibo Community

The Shipbos are an incredible Community living in the Amazonian Jungle outside of Pucallpa in Peru. 

Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing

The Shipibo Community work deeply with the Plants of the Amazon to heal and share their knowledge which is sadly a dying breed. 

Plant Medicines of the Amazon

Within the Amazon the Plants can literally heal all illnesses, many within the Western World depend on Chemicals for illnesses hence a clear need to heal and not simply put Chemicals into the body that deeply affects the heart, mind and Soul.

Donate to the Shipibo Community

You can support and enhance their lives by donating to:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller