2019 Retreat Space.

Mexico September 15th to the 22nd 2019 contact me for details for Shamanic Retreat. Get involved. 

Dark and light intertwined to weave and find new light pathways of being. Working with Medicine, Sound & Light.

We are Medicine, each and every one  of us.

This is a retreat that has been designed to move you into a new depth of being to see your own unique Medicine,  that you are one of a kind.

On our Souls journey, when we fully integrate our Souls back and align them into light and high frequency of being, life will transform.  This will lead to deeper feelings of wholeness, physically as well as emotionally in the Soul, mind and heart. Leading to grounding, a calmer mind, joy, happiness, feeling whole within yourself, sense of coming home, no more confusion and a focused and new sense of optimism and clarity.

We will work with Medicine, Sound and Light. We will work in Ceremony, do group Rituals and receive Shamanic Healings in the form of Soul retrievals, Extractions of entities and other low vibrational energies within your system.  Other healing modalities will present themselves if needed. You cannot plan what is to be healed until each scenario presents itself………….

We will meet together in Ceremony during the night to heal with the Vine of the Soul. We will purge and move our Souls into a new way. Before each Ceremony we will journey using the drum. Shamanic journey work is an intricate part of the Shamanic Path, in journeying we can meet our Spirit Guides, our future selves and Power Animals this will give each of us guidance to see what we need to release and restore within  each Ceremony. Sometimes guidance can give us the tools to escalate our Souls growth in such a deep and profound way. When we move into guidance we are moving into a place of following our Souls life path.

A strong sense of self comes through an ego-less strength, a new sense of authentic self comes through. This is the high level agenda of this week. To move fully into wholeness and joy of existence.
We will touch on Community and Shamanic Healing outside of self. We will work with our Ancestors and Descendents and receive the tools to communicate with them. This brings in protection, guidance and a new sense of never truly being alone. To see why we are here from an Ancestral point of view. Moving through and healing Ancestral lineage is why we are here, to move from the curse  of wounding into a new direction for that of our Decedents.

You will receive tools to heal yourself during the week, grounding techniques, protection and cleansing of your energy these are simple but paramount techniques to live a successful joyful life.
The shadow of the past can keep people in bondage, the great news is we can all set ourselves free.  In each second we have that power. In each breath comes a choice. We can be anyone we choose.

We can use our pasts as a stepping stone to literally transform our lives with the guidance of Great Spirit, Plant Medicine and the self with the attitude and motivation needed to want the actual change, within the inner self and outer self. The past can be transformed and wounds can become golden...

Before ending the journey of the week we will move into what we want next then each person will receive downloads of new futures and manifesting into a new mainframe of existence this journey will begin on our last Ceremony together, and move into the next day. Replacing the distortion into a brand new place the inner to outer. We will work together to create what it is you actually want moving forward in your life..........


Mexico Shamanic Retreat Space.







Spain Shamanic Retreat Space.

Plant Medicine Ceremony & Kundalini Yoga Retreat details.

This will be a deeply healing retreat designed to give you a space to create deeply within a new way of being, seeing and feeling. Then time to create for the outside landscape.

We will be working with the Plant Medicine from the Amazon, which is the Mother of Plant Medicine, the Master Teacher of  the Plants.

We will also be working deeply with aspects of Traditional Shamanic Healing for deep Soul healing, Power healing and a deep cleaning of your entire, energetic system.

Within this beautiful space we will unwrap our creative side and work closely with Sound and Light. Let the Medicine of Music unfold within our Souls.

Sound and Light Healing sessions will be available during the time spent with the Medicine. Under a back drop of profound beauty in the nature of Spain. 

Throughout the day at times that suit the group we will practice various Kundalini Yoga excercises, breathing techniques, Kriyas, Dance Yoga and Meditations to ground and elevate ourselves and integrate the healing processes that we will be going through.


Retreat Space in Sierra Nevada.