participate and step deeply into oneself.

“Rather than resign herself to the fate dictated by her medical history, she has chosen a different, if less probable, outcome—one in which she is a shaman.”
Alberto Villoldo, A Shaman's Miraculous Tools for Healing 

17th January to 19th January 2020 Shamanic Workshop, United Kingdom.

Introduction to Shamanism. FULLY BOOKED.

24th to 31st January 2020 Retreat, Mexico. FULLY BOOKED.

Traditional Shamanism.  Introduction to Ancient Shamanic Rituals ~ Master Oneself.

14th to 16th February 2020 Shamanic Workshop, United Kingdom. FULLY BOOKED.

Introduction to Shamanism. 

22nd to 29th February 2020 Retreat, Mexico. FULLY BOOKED. 

Traditional Shamanism.  Introduction to Ancient Shamanic Rituals ~ Expand oneself. 

22nd to 29th March 2020 Retreat Guatemala.

Traditional Shamanism.  Introduction to Ancient Shamanic Rituals ~ Empower oneself.

24th to 29th April 2020 Retreat Mexico.

Traditional Shamanism.  Introduction to Ancient Shamanic Rituals ~ Ground oneself deep in the Soul.

14th to 24May 2020 Shamanic Training Retreat Bali.

Join us in Shamanic Training  2020 begins the Awakening of 7 Souls in the Direction of 7. Shamanism ideology playing a part within the Ratio of 7.   7 Souls / 7 Initiations /  7 Awakenings to unfold the Shaman within.

18th June to 21st June 2020 Earth Healing & Medicine New York USA .

Join us to step up in service download healing to the Earth and upgrade in Ceremony .

26th June to 29th June 2020 Shamanic Medicine and the Soul of Be-ing. California  USA .

Deep change in the form of Ceremony and Ritual .

03rd July to 06th July 2020 Shamanic Workshop Italy .

Join us to heal, purge, release and RESTORE and upgrade in Ceremony.

14th September to 20th September 2020 Tanzania

Join us in Tanzania and Restore your heart, mind and Soul. Step deeply into the the Shaman within.

28th September to 04th October 2020 Seychelles

Join us in Seychelles and Restore your heart, mind and Soul. Release the past and move into a Re-birth.

12th October to 18th October 2020 Mauritius.  

Join us in Mauritius and Restore your heart, mind and Soul. Step deeply into the Power of oneself.

02nd November to 08th November 2020  Madagascar

Join us in Madagascar and Restore your heart, mind and Soul. Step deeply into the unfolding of oneself.

I work deeply within Shamanism, Sound healing , Light healing,  Restorative Yoga, Breathwork & aspects of Tantra  using Ancient techniques in a modernist way to enhance you on the journey of your life.


Is this for YOU?

This is for anyone whom wants to heal deeply. If anyone has past trauma, depression, anxiety, mind distress, sadness, non creativity, no joy or other aspects of personal negativity. This is for anyone wanting to explore themselves further. To dig deep within and find oneself. A journey of the Soul to wholeness. Move to a new life inside and outside. 

“The True Self quietly observes the playground where thoughts take form, where games are played, and the gunas obeyed. These are the laws of light, activity, and inertia … of inspiration, action, and obstacles. The gunas are those things that can be known. Your mind ponders all their qualities, mistaking these for reality, for they gave birth to the mind. But the Self remains unmoved by the noise in the playground.”
Alberto Villoldo, Yoga, Power, and Spirit: Patanjali the Shaman: Pantanjali the Shaman

"Your future is only as bright as your mind is open.”

Client Testimonials from Ceremony participation.

" I have just gotten back from a retreat with Julie and I honestly don't remember the last time I felt so complete, hopeful,peaceful and full of happiness and joy.

The experience was absolutely mind blowing, sometimes scary, sometimes funny but always deep and full of light. Even at the intense times it was reassuring to know Julie was with me and on my side, she is very very powerful.

I felt I purged demons, had my soul restored and was shown how to rebuild a better me, the real me - not the ego and one infected with dark energies. I also received one of the greatest gifts a person could ever possibly get and will always be grateful for this.

I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone considering shamanic/ plant medicine healing. She is totally dedicated to this pathway and will light your way with light, love, generosity and compassion.....She is hated by egos, but loved by Souls. " Stephen Dohery UK.

The beauty and strength of Julie’s work lies in her integrity and willingness to bring light and love into the darkest places of our experiences, both personal and collective. With Julie you will laugh and cry, but most importantly you will heal. She does not take this work lightly and her dedication shows in every aspect of her ceremonies. Julie offers a truly life changing experience that is grounded in tradition and deep respect for the healing process. My initial fears of working with someone I had never met quickly dissipated in the presence of Julie’s being. She is gentle, authentic, loving, and direct. She is skilled in providing a safe place for you to do your healing work. You really are in good hands with her. I can’t say enough good things about my time with her; I will be forever grateful. Josie USA.

The power of being.
That's what attending Julie's retreat brought out in me. I came with a trunk load of 3D issues. Skepticism. Health issues. Angst. Fear. Even a tapeworm (inside joke w/ my group). But the moment you enter the retreat, you know something is going to change you forever. The energy from the group, the energy from our Shaman, the energy from the chosen site. All is going to contribute to your healing.
Healing. You couldn't be in better hands. The compassion & understanding that Julie exudes is so comforting. She takes each person's needs into account & tailor the medicine to give what they need, not what they want. That's an important lesson. Trust the program. It works. I was blessed with amazing journeys & experiences. Even with medical issues. I never felt my safety was ever compromised. Julie is a wonder. I can't say enough about what she can, & will do for you.
Thinking about attending one of her retreats? Stop thinking. Book. Pack. & Go. Enjoy your journey.
Roberto USA.

Having struggled for so long with emotional issues that eventually lead to severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was determined to overcome this. I have spent the last few years changing my diet, meditating, yoga, reading inspirational books etc...
I avoided taking medication and managed to keep my head above water. However, my life did feel like it was treading water all the time to find a balance.
Then I got the opportunity to go on the healing weekend with Julie.

As it began my nerves turned to excitement as I knew I had made the right decision to go.

Although I had some very uncomfortable moments, I always felt completely safe, secure, supported and totally loved by Julie, knowing I was in the perfect place for me.

I am still amazed how just 2 days have melted away so much fear and filled me with so much love.

I feel I am seeing through different eyes now. I am seeing more beauty, colour and love in everything. I am experiencing peace and happiness that I have not felt for years.

If you are nervous about taking this step like I was...take a big breath and go for won’t regret it. For me it was simply one of the best things that I have ever done. 

Thank you Julie with all my heart. I look forward with excitement to more healing with you. Sarah UK.

There is no better way to understand and learn than experience.  The healing journey is not without pain, and to come through the journey safely is the role of the shaman, Julie fulfilled this perfectly and took care of all those experiencing the healing process safely.  I have great respect and love for this soul and am grateful for her skills, love and wisdom which allowed me to begin to heal and continue my my journey as a connected being, helping me understand where I need to develop to help all souls I encounter past present and future.  With love and blessings and gratitude, Michael x

What a privilege to have been guided to the depth of my soul, and receive deep healing where it was needed most and to be guided through the meaning and significance of a very intense journey. It has been a life transforming and absolutely priceless weekend. Julie shared her medicine and wisdom with compassion and reverence and met each person where they were at. I am eternally grateful for the gift of illuminating the truth and the love that I am, and that each one of us are. Julie, long may your work and your blessings continue and reverberate in the lives of all you touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you. X Loue

What a beautiful weekend. Where we had a safe space to openly share our intentions and the things in life we want to release, we have totally bonded as a group. I felt safe and relaxed in Julie’s company and I have complete faith in her abilities, she shared such wonderful tools for us to move forward in life in a much lighter way and she is a beautiful and understanding person. The whole weekend was so down to Earth and we shared all our thoughts and feelings with ease and joy. I feel so much lighter and I’m looking forward to taking what I have learned into my life. I feel so blessed and grateful, thank you. Jenni xxxx

Thank you so much Julie you guided me through and down then back up.Being re born at 57 after a lifetime of struggle is not easy but the best things in life never are.

Thanks and praise for for guidance,wisdom and compassion.

I made it through thanks to you and now look forward not back.

Love xxxx D

Absolutely life changing! I felt so safe and loved during the weekend and know that my life will be different from now.  I feel more peaceful inside my heart and able to confidently walk my life’s path.  Thank you so much! Love and light to you always. Xxx

What a weekend. We have become one in love and support for each other. I am humbled in Julies presence. Thank you beautiful one for everything for all the gifts you have given us. We will meet you again soon. Big Love xxxx

Wow, what an amazing experience! This beautiful lady knows her shit, where to find yours and make it go bye bye, leaving you open to experience the beauty of the experience, leaving you open to experience joy, love and express gratitude in yourself. 

Life changing experience, I am so grateful for this gift, my soul is still and I feel connected. I will treasure this moment, smile, laugh and cry out of appreciation from this.

I had such a good time, Laughed so much, and really found myself.

Thank you - Chris