Light to life


bringing light to the shadows of your life

Unfortunately not everyone has your best interests at heart. Have you ever felt that when you are moving ahead in your life that suddenly the motivation can quite simply be drained from your body, that negativity mind thoughts enter your mind from no where. That you get tired as soon as you wake up? That suddenly bad luck enters your life? That set backs start to appear suddenly in your life? Sometimes this is not the Universe but is sent with ill intent from people around you. Not everyone is urging you on to success, when others sometimes see you moving forward ahead of them jealous feelings can emerge. Sometimes this is sent in such a way that it effects you and your life deeply.

I have produced a series of ways to teach you how to overcome this, how to track and see whom in your life is  there for you, and whom is not. This is important if you want to have a happy and successful life. To live a life protected from negative mind thoughts and projections from others, to be protected fully from spells and dark magic (yes it does exist), I work with love and light the most powerful healing force on the planet to uncover shadows and move you and your life into that of beautiful love and peace for you to succeed. 

Light transmissions would be part of this package to move your energy into a new vibration. There is a new wave of becoming into that of light. It is emerging as you read these words. The light is increasing and showing all areas of shadows within self and life............

Contact me and we can discover what is blocking this for you...............


This session is usually £120:00 it has a 50% discount at present so its £60:00.